The missionaries did not have the peace of mind for school work. But the work of Muller was resurrected after the Ashanti War and the Basel Mission Junior School came into existence. This is now the present Anum Presbyterian Primary School.

This school which later became the famous Anus Presbyterian Senior Boarding School was opened on 8th February, 1897 by Rev. J. Lochmann. It was started with seven (7) boys, namely:

Christian Gati of Anfoe
John Ateko of Boso
Jones Mireku of Gyakit
George Mensah of Nkonya
Samuel Agyei of Anfoe
Cornelius Anno of Boso
Ebenezer Nyako of Anum

The standard of learning and teaching in this school over the years was very high, and many of the pupils who have passed through it has become very very prominent in many fields in the country. The school was supplanted up the hill by the Training College, and it was moved to the town. Now it has again been supplanted by the Anum Presbyterian J.S.S. Bravo to all the headteachers, managers and pupils who helped to bring this school to the academic map of Ghana! The School anthem: `UPON THE MOUNTAIN' was composed by one headteacher, Mr. T.J. Ofei Gyebi of Abiriw (1917-1919).


The first chapel was just a shed, which was later developed into an 'Papadan'. The second chapel, built in 1881 was of swish with shingles for the roof. This was situated at the present site of the Presbyterian Primary School `A' Classes 1 to 3.

The third and present chapel was planned by Rev. G. Zimmerann the Manager of the Boys' School and the Pastor of the Church then, 1912. The `Cross' type was advocated, but the members were not in favour, and so the `Peter's Boat' type was approved. The masons on the project were led by Chime Achy who was assisted by his apprentice Coif Ayes. Other workers employed from Peek Gays were Moses, Aaron and AZURE. Owes Yaw, an apprentice of one Among joined the group of masons later.

The structure was all of stones. Madam Lied Opokua lost her life in the course of the construction of this chapel. She forced herself to carry a stone meant for the corner, which stone was too heavy for her. She developed chest trouble and died by it.


In April, 1926, the chapel was officially dedicated through pomp and pageantry. Its windows and door coloured glass panes were fixed by John Opoku and Wilson Okyere. The pavement of the chapel floor and the outside wall designs were done by Albert Owusu Yaw (the father of the present senior presbyter - S.O. Adams. The chapel was named and christened EBENEZER. Rev. G. Agyarkwa was the District Pastor.


The first bell was only a piece of rail. The second one was brought by Rev. G. Zimmermann

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